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Do you need to read a PDF document? Most people think that Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary in order to read PDF files. That’s incorrect! PDF is a very popular file format these days. But I really dislike Adobe Acrobat Reader. The software package is unnecessarily large, it is slow to load, it tends to maximum computer system resources such as CPU and memory, causing computer freezing and the install now attempts to sneak additional garbage on to your computer system such as the Yahoo Toolbar. You may have a bunch of Adobe PDF documents on the computer or on a website. That’s absolutely possible to read your PDF files without Adobe Acrobat Reader.

1. Use Gmail – Send the PDF file(s) as an email attachment to your own Gmail account. Then open the email and click the “View as HTML” link next to those PDF attachments.

2. PDF Escape - Think of PDF Escape as a web version of Adobe or FoxIt PDF reader. Not only can you upload and view your PDFs online, it also lets you fill PDF forms.

3. SlideShare - Send the PDF files as an email attachment to upload@upload.slideshare.net or upload them via web browser and view your PDF as image slides inside the SlideShare player. The PDF conversion engine of SlideShare is impressive.

4. Zoho Viewer – Like SlideShare, you can either upload PDF files from the computer to Zoho Viewer or ask that service to fetch the PDF from another website.

5. Samurajdata – A quick and efficient online viewer for PDF, PostScript and Word files. You can either upload files from the computer or if the files are on some website, just give the URL and this service will automatically fetch that PDF and render it in your web browser.

If your PDF has images in addition to text, go with PDF Escape or SlideShare. If you want tto convert PDF to image files, Samurajdata is the perfect service. If you want to make text selection in PDFs, Gmail or SlideShare is nice (the PDF text is available in the transcript section).

How to Read PDF Files in .NET

PDF files are used by companies to distribute information in a read-only format. You use .NET C# to read a PDF and display it to your users. This provides an interface, so your users do not need the Adobe PDF software on the computer to view the files. To read PDF files in .NET C#, you create a document variable and use the variable functions to extract the text.



Create the document variable. The document variable opens a PDF file and assigns it to the C# variable. The following code is how you create the variable:

Document luceneDocument = LucenePDFDocument.getDocument( “c:\file.pdf” );

Replace “c:\file.pdf” with your own PDF file location.


Assign the PDF content to a variable. The “PDFTextStripper” function takes the text from a specified PDF page and places it in a variable. Use the following code to read the file:

PDFTextStripper content = new PDFTextStripper();

content.setStartPage( 2 );

content.setEndPage( 3 );


Write the PDF text to a webpage. The following code writes all the text from page 2 to page 3 to the webpage:

stripper.writeText( );

PDF Tool Recommend:

Spire.PDF for .NET

Spire.PDF for .NET is a PDF document creation component that enables your .NET applications to read, write and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It does not use any external libraries and is built from scratch in C#. It can be used on the server-side (ASP.NET or any other environment) or with Windows Forms applications.

The usage is common for all the environments except for the part where the created document is saved to the disk or stream in case of Windows Forms applications, and streamed to the client browser in the case of ASP.NET applications.

PDF Basic Information

Recommend Component (All available on reading PDF documents)

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